Contact Lenses //

H Rubin Vision Centers has a vast array of contact lenses in inventory. We are often able to dispense your initial contact lenses the day of your evaluation. For your convenience, a yearly supply of contact lenses and solutions can be dispensed from our large inventory. If your tired of wearing glasses and have been told you can't wear contacts...come see one of our optometrists and we will find a lens for you.

Contact Lens Brands //

New materials and advancements in contact lens technology provide greater comfort, safety, and ease in wearing. We have multiple types of lenses are available:

  • Soft

  • Rigid gas permeable (RGP or hard)

  • Daily wear

  • Extended-wear

  • Disposable

  • Soft torics for astigmatism

  • Colored

There are a number of factors affecting your ability to wear contact lenses safely with minimal risk of infection or allergies. Your eyes’ general health will be evaluated for:

  • Tear production

  • Eye shape

  • Blinking, eyelids

  • Specific prescription

Your general health and other factors will be assessed:

  • Current medications

  • Motivation to wear contacts

  • Work environment

  • Past history with contacts

  • Ability to properly care for your contacts

This complete evaluation enables us to select the appropriate contact lenses for you. Our doctors recommend an annual evaluation of your eye health to monitor for allergies, infections, dry eyes and other medical eye problems.

Contact lens fittings can be performed on the day of your initial complete eye exam by informing the receptionist of your desire when scheduling your appointment.